Election 2020

We are the some of the only people that elect our bosses. That is why elections matter, more than ever, for us. It is also why it is important that we elect people to all levels of government that are not just labor friendly, but understand public sector unions. From paid parental leave (HB3) to our state locals having the right to negotiate for their wages (SS1 to SB8)--these issues are important to all of our members. When we elect people to all levels of government who understand the importance of our members, they take care of our members. 

In the drop down menu (Election 2020) above you'll find information on who AFSCME Council 81 has endorsed in the 2020 Election Cycle. You will also find information on how to vote this year. With COVID19 not going away anytime soon, we recommend vote by mail, but also understand that voting in person is an option for some people. With that in mind, we have all the information you need to vote by mail in that drop down menu. As Election day gets closer we wil have more information on in person voting. 

As we get closer to each election (Primary and General) you will also find videos from candidates. In ordinary times candidates would be out meeting our members at events we hold throughout the summer and fall. That won't be the case this year. So we are bringing you videos of candidates as they send them to us. (If you are a candidate, please reach out to Kat Caudle at Council 81 to have your video featured.) 


Vote by Mail information 

Endorsed Candidates