Council 81 celebrates Correctional Employees Week: Thank you AFSCME Correctional Employees!

We started this week of by celebrating Public Service appreciation week; yesterday we celebrated our nurses on the frontlines for National Nurses day; and today we are celebrating our correctional employees who have been working dangerous jobs before there was a global pandemic, but now that COVID19 is here, their jobs are not only increasingly more dangerous with exposure to the virus, but they're also more important as the last line of defense to keep the community safe. In 1987 National Correctional Employees week was established by President Ronald Reagan who said, "No group of Americans has a more difficult or less publicly visible job than the brave men and women who work in our correctional facilities." It was true then, and it's may be truer in today's time when a global pandemic puts correctional employees on the frontlines. In Delaware, we're proud to represent the Officers ("white shirts") and non-uniform correctional employees throughout the state.

We owe a debt of gratitude to the correctional employees who continue to keep us safe every day—in ordinary times and now in these unprecedented times! We are proud of the work they continue to do and the service they are giving to the state of Delaware, without asking for anything in return. We know they are working hard to keep Delawareans safe while putting their own health and safety at risk and we will continue to fight to protect these everyday heroes. Our gratitude will never be enough, it is start!

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