The week of Monday, May 4-Friday, May 8 will see a lot of posts and thank yous for people who are undoubtedly deserving of our gratitude. This week is National Teacher's Appreciation Week, National Corrections Week will begin on May 5, and beginning on May 6 is National Nurses Appreciation Week.

While our members are working on the frontlines as social workers, nurses, CNAs, DOL workers, DelDOT workers; from school custodians to city and municipal workers—we here at Council 81 are grateful for the work they're doing to keep Delaware moving forward. As we continue to navigate these uncharted waters, we will continue to communicate through email to our members and Presidents and will use facebook to communicate with our rank and file members.

Tuesday, April 21, is National Library Workers Day, and while almost every library building is closed or providing reduced services due to the COVID-19 outbreak, AFSCME honors the library workers for stepping up and finding new ways to meet their community's needs.

A message from the Staff and Executive Director at AFSCME Council 81 to our Presidents:

Not all heroes wear capes, some are public employees

Council 81 Presidents, Executive Board and Staff Representatives:

Council 81 Blog, Presidents, Executive Board and Staff:

With COVID-19 (the Coronavirus) now present and spreading in the United States, many of our members will be on the front lines of caring for and transporting those afflicted with the virus. They too are at risk -- particularly if there isn't awareness of the symptoms, if there is improper or delayed diagnosis, or if there are inadequate workplace safeguards. In fact, members of Local 3299 are now in quarantine as a result of a delayed diagnosis at UC Davis that could mean possible exposure.

As Bernie Sanders' national polling lead grows, Democratic rivals have sought to drive a wedge between him and the people he says his campaign is all about — all in the hopes of peeling off support from members of Nevada's politically powerful unions in Saturday's caucuses.