Council 81

As Bernie Sanders' national polling lead grows, Democratic rivals have sought to drive a wedge between him and the people he says his campaign is all about — all in the hopes of peeling off support

State workers from all over Delaware filed into Gov.


Council 81 has new fill-in forms for your Report of Officers - The Local Officer Information Sheet and Shop Stewards
There are forces pitted against public employees, our quality of life, benefits, pensions and the very services we provide.  We are not going to complacently sit back and watch this happen. On the contrary, we are mounting a campaign to fight back against these unprecedented attacks.
That effort is our plan and it is called AFSCME Strong and is a rebuilding process within our organization to expand our reach and our commitment to overcome political and judicial attacks we face and will face in the future.
We will be training and equipping our members and officers to take back the high ground for public employees, because we're AFSCME STRONG!
Call (302) 323-2121 for more information.

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