In the 151st (2020-2022) legislative session, pro-labor elected officials passed legislation that lifted working families in Delaware. From Paid Family Leave, to abolishing the youth and training wages and ensuring that Delaware's working families would continue to see wage increases by increases the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025. In this last legislative session, pro-labor elected officials also tackled unprecedented events including a global pandemic that put Council 81 members in the spotlight--always essential, always working on the frontlines--now being recognized for the work you have always done. 

In 2022, for the first time voters will also be able to vote early at early voting locations throughout the state. Because of pro-labor elected officials who passed legislation that had the forethought to see that not everyone has the ability or access to vote on election day, lifting working families up, once again and allowing their voices to be heard in the voting booth. 

You can learn more about early voting in Delaware by clicking here.

You can find out where to vote on election day or general information about the 2022 General Election by clicking here: 2022 General Election @ iVote.