A week to celebrate Public Service

The week of Monday, May 4-Friday, May 8 will see a lot of posts and thank yous for people who are undoubtedly deserving of our gratitude. This week is National Teacher's Appreciation Week, National Corrections Week will begin on May 5, and beginning on May 6 is National Nurses Appreciation Week. The entire week is also marked as National Public Service Appreciation Week. The one thing every one of these every day heroes has in common is that they are serving on the frontlines of the current global pandemic. Teachers, correctional employees, nurses and all public servants have been serving their employers with the grace and humility that we have all come to know from each of them. But every single one of them also goes home to a family every night, and takes care of their family after serving on the front lines.

None of our public service workers went into their careers thinking they would make millions of dollars, get thousands of twitter followers or become famous. If that's what they wanted, they would have gone into other careers. They work as CNAs, custodians, social workers, working for small towns and big cities, EMTs, 911-operators, paramedics, county employees and librarians because they have a passion to serve the public. Our members keep Delaware open, in snow, hurricanes, and global pandemics. It isn't the rich 1% that have kept Delaware moving forward, it's been the DelDOT employees, DNREC parks employees, Fire Protection Services, University maintenance, safety and clerical employees. It's been the nurses and CNAs at our state hospitals that have worked non-stop to take care of COVID-19+ residents, or the nurses and CNAs at our Long Term Care facilities who have monitored residents and ensured their safety, putting their own safety at risk. It's our correctional officers and employees who go to our Correctional facilities every day to ensure the safety of all Delawareans, even while knowing they're risking exposing themselves every day. It's our Social Workers who are working from home, while caring for their own families, and taking care of our most vulnerable citizens—our kids.

Your local Presidents, executive boards, and staff at Council 81 continue to work behind the scenes to ensure that contracts are being enforced, that MOUs that protect our members are being signed, that PPE (personal protective equipment) are being provided and other safety regulations are being followed and that the voices of frontline workers are being heard every day. But they aren't the union, YOU are the UNION. Your voice matters. Thank you for the work you do every day. Thank you for showing up. Thank you for being everyday heroes!

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